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Development opportunities offered by Jobwell Partners to power your professional growth. 


Learn strategies and get a Facebook certificate in digital marketing:

  • Marketing strategy

  • Social Media marketing

  • Campaign management & optimization

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Develop analytical skills and get a Tableau certificate in data analytics:

  • Business Analytics

  • SQL for Analytics

  • Data Visualization

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Master development skills and get an Unity certificate in immersive design:

  • Develop interactive VR apps

  • Create mobile AR apps

  • Tour 3D virtual environments

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Develop CRM skills and get a Salesforce Trailhead certificate in Salesforce CRM:

  • Customer Relationship Management 

  • Dashboards and reports in Salesforce

  • Business process improvement

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Gain management skills and get an Asana certificate in project management:

  • Project Charters & Planning

  • Work Breakdown Structure

  • Project Risk Management

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