our mission

Today’s job search is chaotic and stressful due to the lack of structure and transparency in the process.  Jobwell’s mission is to help people take control of their careers.  Our job search tracker combines the tried-and-true sales pipeline management approach along with job-hunting and networking good practices to help jobseekers be more organized, effective and confident.  With increasingly more personalized content and data-driven guidance, Jobwell will help everyone make smarter choices in navigating their job search and career paths to optimize their career potential and fulfillment.

our why

We’ve seen so many of our family, friends and colleagues experience uncertainty, chaos and frustration in their job searches.  Whether it’s applying to over 200 jobs trying to land that internship or making tough career choices and transitions, we’ve been there ourselves and know that we can help ease the pain by offering more structure and guidance as we’ve done in our real life networks by serving as career coaches and mentors.  


As lifelong learners, we also identify strongly with those seeking personal and professional advancement, especially in light of rapid technology advances and widening skills gap.  We believe that by simply shifting our perspectives to take a broader view of our careers, we can bridge learning and jobs more effectively and purposefully.  With our passion for technology and data, user experience and social good, we created Jobwell.

our team


May Lu

Cofounder & CEO

Previously VP of R&D at LegalZoom. 18+ years building enterprise and consumer technologies at P&G, HP and PG&E. Wharton MBA and RPI MS IT. Buddhist scripture translator.

Daniel Kent

Cofounder, COO & CPO

Founder of NetLiteracy.org. Winner of Google Zeitgeist, Huffington Post, ComputerWorld & two Presidential awards. Yale MBA and Berkeley MS Data Science candidate. Bowtie connoisseur.

Richard Cropped.jpeg

Richard Lin

Cofounder & CTO

Tech enthusiast from nanoscience to machine learning. Created 3D-printed prosthetics & offered sports opportunities to underprivileged children. Berkeley BA CompSci candidate. World traveler.